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the CLASSY Brand Style

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The Traditional Brand Persona embodies timeless sophistication and refined luxury, epitomizing the essence of "classic never goes out of style."

Traditional, aka Classy brands,  evoke feelings of trust, reliability, and nostalgia, aiming to appeal to consumers who value tradition, heritage, and authenticity in their purchases.

Remember, your brand often emphasizes classic design. Let your web design reflect the refinement of nostalgic elements and craftsmanship, with a focus on preserving heritage and authenticity.


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To create a sense of trust and reliability, preserving heritage and authenticity in offerings. Embrace the timeless elegance.


Well-suited for luxury fashion and interiors , upscale hospitality, heritage brands, and traditional craftsmanship.


Classy Brand Personality Website design and branding

Craft a narrative that echoes the whispers of heritage, exuding timeless elegance, and timeless appeal.


Classy Brand Personality Website design and branding

Distinguished, poised, and eloquent, speaking with the refined cadence of tradition and grace.


Classy Brand Personality Website design and branding

Envision classic scenes of timeless beauty, invoking nostalgia and reverence for the past.


Classy Brand Personality Website design and branding

Rich royal blue, deep burgundy, and warm gold hues evoke timeless opulence, honoring tradition while embracing sophistication without looking old-fashioned.


fonts for elegant brand quiz results from totoli studio

Opt for classic serif fonts with timeless appeal, conveying elegance and refinement. Examples include Times New Roman, Baskerville, and Garamond.


Focus on conveying your brand's timeless elegance and luxury through sophisticated imagery, refined messaging, and a rich color palette. Emphasize tradition, heritage, and exclusivity to appeal to your discerning audience.


Avoid using overly trendy or casual elements that detract from the sense of luxury and sophistication. Steer clear of bright, flashy colors and informal language that may dilute the refined image of your brand.


Buying Style: Your audience values prestige, heritage, and quality. They seek products and services that offer timeless appeal and impeccable craftsmanship.

Selling Style: Highlight the exclusivity and prestige of your brand, emphasizing the tradition, quality, and craftsmanship behind your offerings. Appeal to the desire for luxury and sophistication while providing exceptional service and attention to detail.



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Ipad mock up of an elegant green and beige  moodboard for elevated brands created by totoli studio- upscale website design studio
ipad mock up of upscale website  designed P Smith Design in Ridgewood Nj  by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
ipad mock up of elegant website designed to Beauty Mark Salon in Sola Salons Wayne NJ by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
laptop mock up of elegant  website  designed to Boutique 811 in Franklin Lakes Nj  by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
Mock up ipad of P Miller Luxury Closet website designed by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio

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