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The Demure Brand Personality is the description of a soft, delicate, and calm look. It embodies this archetype with its nurturing and supportive qualities.

Your business has a very gentle and sweet voice;

your photos and videos are soft and pretty.

Your brand core is caring, with a compassionate nature directed towards others. It has a deep desire to help, be of service, nurture, and be involved with people, especially their ideal clients.


Your focus is always on clients' experience!​


Scroll for detailed resources 

and design ideas tailored to your brand personality.

Create a nurturing brand experience for the visitors and foster genuine connections. Embrace monochromatic tones, charming design, and delicate nuances for a calming yet timeless appeal. 


hospitality, wellness, personal care, and lifestyle brands


Totoli Studio elegant brand design websites

Nurture connections with warmth and charm, fostering a caring community.


Totoli Studio elegant brand design websites

Your voice should be gentle,  empathetic with a touch of charm, weave heartfelt stories


Totoli Studio elegant brand design websites

Choose comforting, genuine images for a warm, reassuring calm feel .


Totoli Studio elegant brand design websites

Embrace soft and soothing tones such as pastel blues, gentle greens, and warm neutrals to create a dreamy and inviting color palette that reflects the nurturing qualities of your brand.


fonts for elegant brand quiz results from totoli studio

Caligraphy, elegant handwritten fonts, Serif fonts, rounder characters, and less straight flair. Lora, Quicksand, Open Sans, and Pacifico are also great options.


Use soft and gentle visuals, heartfelt messaging, and charming design elements.


Avoid overly bold, primary colors or aggressive visuals, impersonal messaging, and cluttered or chaotic design elements that detract from your brand's calming and inviting atmosphere.


Buying Style: Fostering trust and loyalty through emotional connection.

Selling Style: Highlight genuine care and attention, enhancing well-being and happiness with warmth.



We hope that gets you going!

We would love, more than anything, to see you doing what you love to do and succeeding in the digital world.

We'll continue to give tips and strategies on our blog.

Ipad mock up of an elegant green and beige  moodboard for elevated brands created by totoli studio- upscale website design studio
ipad mock up of upscale website  designed P Smith Design in Ridgewood Nj  by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
ipad mock up of elegant website designed to Beauty Mark Salon in Sola Salons Wayne NJ by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
laptop mock up of elegant  website  designed to Boutique 811 in Franklin Lakes Nj  by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
Mock up ipad of P Miller Luxury Closet website designed by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio

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