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The Natural Brand Personality is characterized by timeless simplicity and high quality, following the motto "less is more."

Your business has a discreet chic flair and value-conscious elegance. It makes a smart-casual and welcoming impression on prospects.

Your brand core is classic and timeless with a recognizable, friendly nuance. It is the most relaxed of all the luxury brand personalities yet very desirable for being relatable and connection with visitors.


Your business focus is on informal elegance!​


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Your core desire is to create a welcoming brand for your visitors. Casual chic color palette with a relaxed design and loose structure—a fan of details that serve functionality and aesthetics must be easy to relate to with a focus on the client  experience


 Hospitality industries, event planners, interior designer industry partners.


Totoli Studio elegant brand design websites

A message that exudes casual smart, friendly and welcoming.


Totoli Studio elegant brand design websites

Your voice should be friendly, easy to understated and direct.


Totoli Studio elegant brand design websites

Incorporate imagery that captures the natural mood & unrestrictivess of your brand.


Totoli Studio elegant brand design websites

Muted tones, off-whites, and dark greys add contrast and differentiate from the demure brand personality. Military green, golden tones, and classic patterns like stripes and plaids are always a favorite with this friendly brand.


fonts for elegant brand quiz results from totoli studio

Sans Serifs and rounder fonts tend to express the mood of this brand personality the best. Helvetica being one of the favorites along Poppins and Now.


Focus on casual smart message of your brand, fast and witty mind tonality in the brand voice, and a warm muted color palete.


Use of pure white, cool color palette and  a formal voice and message will take away the welcoming of the natural elegance brand personalty.  


Buying Style: Value-conscious, versatility, and customer experience.

Selling Style: By highlighting the value and adaptability of the service or product.



We would love, more than anything, to see you doing what you love to do and succeeding in the digital world.

We continue to give tips and strategies on our blog.

We hope that gets you going!

Ipad mock up of an elegant green and beige  moodboard for elevated brands created by totoli studio- upscale website design studio
ipad mock up of upscale website  designed P Smith Design in Ridgewood Nj  by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
ipad mock up of elegant website designed to Beauty Mark Salon in Sola Salons Wayne NJ by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
laptop mock up of elegant  website  designed to Boutique 811 in Franklin Lakes Nj  by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio
Mock up ipad of P Miller Luxury Closet website designed by Fab Totoli creative director of Totoli Studio

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