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Photo of a women touching a champgne glass for Totoli Studio
Ipad mockup of a website design done for a P Smith Design Interior Designer
Leopard head for elegant brand for Totoli Studio

Our designs will support your commercial objectives, capture nuances of what makes your business unique, and connect at a deep emotional level with your client.



logo for Totoli Studio

When you put in the effort you do to create a unique business, having a website that honors it becomes essential, not optional!

Website Design

Mockup of Iphone of Lafayette Events  in Hawthorne NJ  designed by Totoli Studio elegant ebsite design for luxury brands
ipad mockup of website design done for Patty Smith of Ridgewood NJ Interior Designer - totoli studio

A resonant identity is crafted based on how you want people to perceive and remember your brand. It places you irresistibly and overwhelmingly at the forefront of your target audience—it's an identity that moves you commercially forward.

Brand Strategy

Moodboard of inspiration for P Miller Luxury Closet website design and elegant branding from Totoli Studio

Social media is often neglected when you're busy running your business. We will create a hashtag strategy, write captions, and create content to help you build a community and convert followers into clients.

Content Creation

Instagram content  creation of service offer from Totoli Studio
Image of woman ith a drink of French 75  in hands - image of Totoli Studio
Salmon pink clouds for totoli studio website design and elegantwebsite design


Sales Tools

 We offer sales tools customization to give your clients a fully elevated experience by echoing your brand style across all points of interaction. Some of the materials available are invoices, webinar templates, welcome packets,  and any additional sales-oriented materials that you might require.

totoli studio offers Collateral Marketing Branded material for elegant brands and in this photo you see an example of pdf paper done
ipad mockup of a slide show created by Totoi Studio  bespoke branded marketing materials , letterheads, boxes, business cards, layouts.

Craft a visual representation of your brand and an emotional experience that fosters profound connections with your ideal clients.


With flair and Neuro-Branding, we aim to empathetically and ethically connect your brand essence to your target audience's emotions, values, and aspirations, ultimately propelling your commercial success.

We Design to Resonate

and Appeal to your Audience.

leopard head photo with background black for cta of  about us services for Totoli Studio
Ipd mock up of an interior designer hero image located in Rigdewood NJ P.Smith Design done by Totoli Studio
ABCD of Perception Method™️.

Our Exclusive



Your online presence should attract and connect on an emotional level with your target audience and provide them with a positive first impression within the first 3 to 7 seconds of visiting your website or encountering different aspects of your brand.


To resonate with your ideal clients or target audience, your website needs to behave in a way that makes visitors feel comfortable. We will customize a User Experience (UX) and design an effective User Interface (UI, in simpler terms, the way it looks) that is strategically created based on your ideal client's journey and your business goals. These solutions are anything but ordinary yet remain within the budget constraints of a small business.



Your website and social media profiles must effectively communicate the essence of your brand through verbal and non-verbal elements, ensuring that both your visitors and ideal clients know they are in the right place.


Your digital imprint needs to resonate with the intended audience naturally. However, the only way to create a cohesive and congruent business identity is by first discovering your brand goals, business essence, and perception objectives.

As Seen On

Fab totoli the creative director of Totoli Studio appearance on the Today Show - photo of the today show logo
Fab totoli the creative director of Totoli Studio influencer guest of J Crew  garden state plaza mall in Paramus NJ
Fab totoli the creative director of Totoli Studio appearance on Max Mara Weekend in Bergen County Nj
Fab totoli the creative director of Totoli Studio guest participation on Vogue Fashion Night out in Milan and Paris
Iphone mockup of a oodboard prepared by Totoli Studio  for elegant brands - Lafayette Events NJ Hawthorne

Fab shares the best resources available for elevated brands and business that are experience-driven and want to continue to stay relevant and resonate with their ideal clientele.

The Editoriale

Patty miller testimonial for Totoli Studio elegant website design for interior designers and architects
Patty Miller

A colleague enthusiastically endorsed Fab as the go-to for elevated bespoke website design. After a single conversation with Fab, I wholeheartedly concurred - I had found the perfect place!

I needed a brand identity, brand strategy, and website design...but  I wanted it done for me.

Kind Words

Delicate Fabric

How's your Brand

Digital Imprint?

It is paramount nowadays that your digital imprint be more than aesthetically pleasing. Flair certainly opens doors, but after that, you need to give a reason for your potential clients to stay or close the deal.

It needs to evoke how you want your brand to feel and be perceived. It needs to capture the subtle nuances of your business and reflect that in the digital realm in order to move you commercially forward. 

Elegant branding and luxury webiste design from totoli Studio- mock up of women on ipad
Iphone mockup of a oodboard prepared by Totoli Studio  for elegant brands - Lafayette Events NJ Hawthorne
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